AdTraction - Connecting your account

See all your AdTraction program’s data, including clicks, sales, revenue, commission and more, in Affluent using the account’s API Key.

Finding the API Key

  1. Navigate from your Adtraction Home Page > Account > API
  2. You will find your API token in the greyed out area. If there isn't a token already assigned here, you can click the blue button under this box to refresh/create your token.
  3. Copy and paste the API Key into your Affluent account.

image (9)

Connecting a AdTraction account

  1. Head to the brand manager, select a brand, and then select the "AdTraction" integration.
  2. Enter the API Key (instructions above).
  3. Enter an account nickname (optional).
  4. Click ‘Connect’.

Note: it may take as long as an hour to start seeing data appear and several days before all your historical data is collected.