Agency & Non Reported Network Fees

The manual fee section in the brand manager allows to you to add agency fees and non-reported on a per platform basis. 

Manual Fees

Manual fees are generally used to add one time agency or network fees. To add a manual fee:

  1. Select the brand and the platform.
  2. On the right hand tab click "Manual Fees."
  3. To add a one time fee or multiple one time fees, update the "Add New Fee" details and click "+ Add Fee".

Fees added this way will be applied entirely on the day that you chose. If you selected to apply an agency fee of $500 on the 1st of March, the whole amount will be applied on the 1st of March - this will affect metrics like RoAS.

Fee Rules

A fee rule can be applied to add a reoccurring fee to the platform. To add a fee rule: 

  1. Select the brand and the platform.
  2. On the right hand tab click "Manual Fees."
  3. Scroll down and fill in the fee rule details, including whether it is a percentage or flat fee, and click "+Add Fee Rule"

If a fee rule is added after the date has passed for that month, it will not be applied till the following month, e.g. if a monthly fee is added on the 10th February to be applied every 1st of the month, the first time that fee will be applied will be March 1st. 

Fee rules will not be applied historically. If you want to apply fees retrospectively they can be added in using manual fees. If you need to bulk upload agency or network fees, contact

Note, network commission for Rakuten (Linkshare) and AWIN must be added when you connect a Rakuten (Linkshare) and AWIN account in the Brand Manager. For more information How to Connect To A Platform

Fees can be updated, changed or removed at anytime via the brand manager.