Brand Logos

Uploading a Brand's logo is done through the Brand Manager. Logos can be added to when you export Dashboards to PDF.  

How to upload a brand logo

  1. Access the Brand Manager via the main menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Click on the brand for whom you wish to upload a logo.
  3. Select "Brand Settings" on the right hand side.
  4. Either "Drag and Drop" the logo into the box or click the box and a pop up will appear for you select the file from your computer.

Brand logo uploading guidelines 

  • JPEG & PNG files are accepted
    Logos have to be under 500 x 500 px. For ideal results, logos should have a width of exactly 200px.
    Logos will look best with white or transparent backgrounds
  • Logos with very little or no white space around them will look the best.
  • Files must be under 1MiB - larger files will fail to upload and warning notification will appear.

Troubleshooting Logo Issues 

  • The logo won't upload 
    • Logos must be under 500 x 500 px and the file size must be under 1MB
  • The logo is very small when included in a PDF
    • Logos will look best if they have a width of 200 px with little or no white space around the image.