CJ - Browser Adjustment Transactions

Publisher Commission – Net in Affluent may no longer match what is showing in the CJ Performance Report.  This is due to Browser Adjustment Transactions made by CJ. Publisher Commission in Affluent will match CJ Publisher Commissions + CJ Browser Adjustments.  

You can find the CJ Browser Adjustments in a Transaction Summary by Type report.  CJ Publisher Commissions are available in the CJ Performance Report. 

What are Browser Adjustments?

CJ describes what these are and how they are calculated in their Knowledge Base article here.  You will need to be logged into your CJ account before following the link to the article.

How to find the CJ Browser Adjustments in CJ:

  • Navigate to Reports > Transactions
  • Select the Report "Transaction Summary by Type"
  • Run this report for the time frame needed.
  • The amount listed in this report is a hyperlink.  You can click this hyperlink to get a breakdown of each of those Browser Adjustments

How to find CJ Browser Adjustments in Affluent:

Browser Adjustment transactions can be found in Affluent in the 'Transactions' section, the 'Details/Comments' column will show 'Adjustment'. Or, you can create a Report using the 'Details/Comments' category. 


  • Navigate to the Transactions page for the brand in Affluent
  • Add the Details/Comment column. The transactions will show with the word “Adjustment” in this column


  • Use the Category of “Details/Comment” and the Metric of Publisher Commissions – Net

Note: creating a report will show the aggregated data, i.e. not at the transaction level.