CJ- How to auto-populate Events data?

For brands connected to Affluent before November 2022 you will need to update the credentials in the Brand Manager. For all new connections, placement data will auto-populate according to the default settings.

For Affluent to pull and store placement data for brands added before November 2022, please follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Brand Manager and select the correct brand 
  2. Select the CJ logo and click 'Edit' next to the connected account 
  3. Re-enter the username and password and expand the 'Placement Configuration (Advance) section. 
  4. Choose how you would like the placements to be stored and select 'Update'

If you are using a password storing extension or app, please take that it does not try to auto-populate the username and password fields. 

If the brand was connected after November 2022, Affluent will already be storing the brands' placement data and it will be visible in the 'Events' section. If you would like to update the configuration settings for brands connected after November 2022, please contact support@affluent.io.