- Categories - Custom Fields 1-20

Impact allows you to track additional custom data for every action. In Affluent, you can view this data by using our Custom Field categories.

Note: All of these custom fields are categories in Affluent.

By default, the following Impact fields will be mapped in Affluent as follows:

Impact Name Affluent UI Name  Affluent API Name
Text1  Custom Field 1  customField1
Text2  Custom Field 2  customField2
Text3  Custom Field 3  customField3
Numeric1   Custom Field 4  customField4
Numeric2   Custom Field 5  customField5
Numeric3   Custom Field 6  customField6
Adv Money1  Custom Field 7  customField7
Adv Money2  Custom Field 8  customField8
Adv Money3  Custom Field 9  customField9
MP Value1  Custom Field 10  customField10
MP Value2  Custom Field 11  customField11
MP Value3  Custom Field 12  customField12
Disposition  Custom Field 13  customField13
Adv Date1  Custom Field 14  customField14
Adv Date2  Custom Field 15  customField15
Adv Date3  Custom Field 16  customField16
Referral Param1  Custom Field 17  customField17
Referral Param2  Custom Field 18  customField18
Referral Param3  Custom Field 19  customField19
Referral Param4  Custom Field 20  customField20

Note: In order to see these categories in the API, you will need to add the following flag to your JSON query body:

"includeCustomFields": true

For additional information on the Affluent API please refer to the API Documentation. If you would like to enable the Affluent API for your account, please reach out to


If you work with any other platforms that allow you to track additional custom data, and you would like this data to be available in Affluent, please reach out to