Dashboard Filters

Dashboard filters allow you to filter all the reports in the dashboard at once. So rather than creating the same custom report multiple times, you can add the report to the dashboard and then apply a dashboard filter.  Please note you cannot add a dashboard filter until at least one report is added

Example: Adding a specific brand filter

As an example, if you want to start every report with the same key metrics table, you can create a single key metrics report and save it. Once you've added it to your individual brand report, you can apply a dashboard level filter for that specific brand. This means you don't have to keep recreating the same custom reports for every brand.

Dashboard level filters can be added at the top of the page under the title. To create a filter for a specific brand, you'll need to click on the filter section, or "Add A New Filter", underneath the title:

You'll then get the following pop-up:

Since you only want to include the data for one brand, you should use the Include filter and use "Brand" as the category. You will then get a drop-down of all of my brands to choose from - select the one you want:

Click "Apply Filter" and you're good to go.