Google Analytics - Category and Metric compatibilities

When building your analytics reports, we recommend using categories and metrics which are of the same type

Selecting different types of categories and metrics can lead to unconventional aggregation results. So, we recommend using categories exclusively with metrics that have the same type, i.e. Session categories with Session Metrics, Transaction categories with Transaction Metrics, and SKU categories with SKU metrics.

General categories can be used with any category or metric. 



Type UI Name
session, transaction, sku Ad Content
session, transaction Ad Group
session, transaction Ad Slot
session, transaction Ad Targeting Type
transacton, sku Affiliation
session, transaction, sku Browser
session, transaction, sku Browser Size
session, transaction Browser Version
session, transaction, sku Campaign
transaction Checkout Options
session, transaction City
session, transacton Continent
session, transacton Continent Id
session, transaction, sku Country
session, transaction, sku Custom Dimension 1
session Custom Dimension 2
session Custom Dimension 3
session Custom Dimension 4
session Custom Dimension 5
session Custom Dimension 6
session Custom Dimension 7
session Custom Dimension 8
session, transaction Data Source
session, transaction Datetime
session, transaction Device Category
session, transaction Exit Page Path
session, transaction, sku Hostname
session, transaction, sku Keyword
session, transaction, sku Landing Page Path
session, transaction, sku Medium
session, transaction Metro
session, transaction, sku Mobile Device Branding
session, transaction Mobile Device Model
session, transaction Network Domain
session, transaction Network Location
session, transaction, sku Operating System
session, transaction, sku Operating System Version
transaction Order Coupon Code
session, transaction Page Depth
session, transaction, sku Page Path
session Page Title
session, transaction Referral Domain
session, transaction, sku Referral Url
session, transaction Region
session, transaction Segment
transaction Shopping Stage
session, transaction, sku Source
session, transaction Sub Continent
transaction, sku Transaction Id
session, transaction, sku User Type
session, transaction, sku Event Name
sku Item Brand
sku Item Category
sku Item Id
sku Item List Name
sku Item Name
session, transaction, sku Percent Scrolled
session, transaction, sku Search Term
session, transaction, sku User Age Bracket
session, transaction, sku User Gender
session, transaction, sku View ID
session, transaction, sku View Name



Type UI Name
session Bounces
session, transaction, sku Conversions
transaction Days To Transaction
session Entrances
session, sku, transaction Events
session, sku, transaction Event Value
session Exits
session Goal Completions All
session Goal Starts All
session Goal Value All
session Hits
session, sku, transaction Internal Promotion Clicks
session, sku, transaction Internal Promotion Views
sku Items Checked Out
session, sku, transaction Item Quantity
session, sku, transaction Item Revenue
session New Users
session Pageviews
session, sku, transaction Product Adds To Cart
session, sku, transaction Product Checkouts
session, sku, transaction Product Detail Views
session, sku, transaction Product List Clicks
session, sku, transaction Product List Views
session, transaction Product Refund Amount
session, transaction Product Refunds
session, transaction Product Removes From Cart
sku Quantity Added to Cart
sku Quantity Checked Out
session, transaction Quantity Refunded
session, transaction Quantity Removed From Cart
session, transaction Refund Amount
session Session Duration
session Sessions
transaction Sessions To Transaction
session Time On Page
session, transaction Total Refunds
session, transaction Transaction Revenue
session, transaction Transaction Shipping
session, transaction Transaction Tax
session, transaction Transactions
session, transaction, sku Unique Purchases