Getting Started with Opportunities

Opportunities are available on the Business and Enterprise tiers only. Opportunities let users be the first to know of new opportunities, potential concerns, and any other information that may be vital for their organization. 

Types of Opportunities

  • No Clicks - alerts you when did not receive clicks yesterday for a program that you usually drive clicks to.
  • No Commission - alerts you when did not earn a commission yesterday for a program from which you usually earn a commission.
  • First Sale by Merchant - notifies you when you've made a first sale for a merchant or for first sale in the last six months. 
  • Declining Program Performance -alerts you if your performance for a program has recently declined, compared to your previous performance for the program.
  • Merchant Record Highs - alerts you of highs either daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your Alert Settings.

View Details & Dismissing Alerts

To see additional information for opportunities, click 'View Details'. Opportunities can be sorted by Merchant, platform, date, and any additional columns. To see the performance for an alert, click the 'View Report' button. 

Once you've reviewed an alert you can dismiss it. Alerts can be dismissed once or for 30 days. 

Alert Settings

You can enable Alerts and change their frequency, as well as update their sensitivity in the 'Alert Settings' tab (top-right of the Opportunities page).

  • To enable or disable alerts, toggle them on or off in the 'Enabled' column. 
  • To adjust the frequency of alerts, check the appropriate boxes in the 'Frequency' column. 
  • To alter the sensitivity of alerts, move the slider back and forth in the 'Sensitivity' column.