Google Analytics - 'Affluent 360'

Affluent 360 is a powerful way to complete the missing steps in the affiliate monetization analytics process.

Affluent 360 is based on a simple light-weight script included on every page of your website though thanks to the flexibility built into Affluent 360, even the script is optional - you can integrate with Affluent 360 by building a custom connector.

The basic functionality of Affluent 360 is as follows:

The Affluent script detects when a user clicks on an affiliate link and:
1) Appends a unique click ID to the link programmatically in the correct sub ID field based on the affiliate network in question
2) Sends some data on the click to Affluent's servers including the unique ID, page-level data, user-level data (optional). 

Affluent aggregates your affiliate data from the accounts you have integrated. If a sale with a sub ID that matches one of the unique click IDs is detected, we know which click the sale is attributed to.

Based on that connection, Affluent can attribute revenue to users, pages, traffic sources, and optionally, send that data back into your Google Analytics. The tool is currently out in beta and one of the current limitations is that it does not work with cloaked links