Google Analytics Matching

The Google Analytics Matching page allows you to manually match publisher values from Google Analytics (GA) and Affiliate networks, so that you can easily combine data from these platforms.

Use this page to match publisher values from Google Analytics (GA) and Affiliate networks. These matches will allow you to combine data from GA and Affiliate platforms based on the Publisher.

Select the brand that you want to modify matches for using the drop down at the top of this page. Once selected, use the table to update and define matches:

  1. Selecting a publisher name (by clicking the edit icon for that row) that corresponds to the values collected from GA (GA name or GA id)

  2. Accepting the match that Affluent has discovered. Note: you can check how confident Affluent is about this match using the match rating column. Also, if you have Automatic Publisher Matching enabled then all matches over a 95% rating will be activated by default, i.e. they will affect reporting.

  3. Use the table to de-activate any matches, by resetting them.

You can perform actions 2 and 3 in bulk by selecting multiple rows using the tick boxes in the far left column.

You can also check which matches are active, i.e. affect reporting, using the Status column.