How does ShareASale report refunds?

Affluent should match the Activity Summary Report within ShareASale. If there is a discrepancy it could be because of the way ShareASale reports refunds. By default Affluent shows refunds applied on the date of the transaction (not the date of the refund).

For example, if a sale happened in March and the refund was in April, ShareASale would report a lower NET for April on the Affiliate Timespan Report because it's subtracting the refund for a March transaction from the April GROSS.

This can result in strange reporting scenarios where you might have a day or even an entire publisher with negative revenue in ShareASale.

Affluent reports data based on the transaction date, so we apply the refund to the transaction date, rather than the refund date. The only report you can find the refunds accounted for this way is the Activity Summary Report. You can pull this report from ShareASale by clicking on Reports > More Reports > Activity Summary.