How to Find an Awin Program's Timezone

The easiest way to find an Awin Program's Timezone is to ask your Awin contact. The other option is to compare a timestamp in Affluent and Awin.

An Awin program's timezone is not listed in the Awin UI.  To find the timezone, connect the Awin account to Affluent with your best guess (often UTC). If you notice discrepancies between Awin and Affluent, follow these instructions:

  • Type the name of the brand into the Affluent search bar and select that brand to view its Brand Overview.
  • Click on ‘Transactions’ in the breadcrumb menu at the top of the page.
  • On the transactions page, scroll down and identify a single transaction. Note the order ID and the time stamp.
  • Log in to AWIN and navigate to Reports > Transactions and find the same transaction as you identified in Affluent using the order ID.
  • Look at the AWIN timestamp and Affluent timestamp for the same transaction, and work out the time difference/zone. For example, if the transaction happened in AWIN at 11.30 am but is showing in Affluent at 4.30 pm, there is a +5 hour difference between AWIN and the timezone selected in Affluent.
  • Once you’ve identified the needed timezone, disconnect the account and delete the data. If you are unsure, please contact support before deleting any data.
  • Reconnect the platform with the correct timezone.