How to find gross metrics in Pepperjam

Affluent gives you the ability to see both gross and net metrics (such as Revenue, Commission, and Sales) for Pepperjam accounts.  This is something not easily found within the Pepperjam interface. Since Affluent uses the API Transactions endpoint, we are able to pull the sale amounts before and after any adjustments were made.  This gives you a full picture of your program's activity.

How to make Affluent and the Pepperjam UI match

As Pepperjam does not report on gross metrics, you will need to use net metrics in Affluent. Net metrics in Affluent will match Pepperjam values. 

How to find gross numbers in Pepperjam

Pepperjam does not show gross metrics. You can calculate gross numbers by pulling the net metrics from Pepperjam and then adding back any adjustments made.