How to migrate to a new platform

Migrating a program to a new platform and retaining your historical data is easy. It requires minimal effort.

Simply, connect the new program/platform and disconnect (but do not delete) the old program/platform once you are no longer using it. 

Step by step guide:

  1. Don't disconnect the old program/platform until it is shut down or you no longer want to pull in new data. Disconnecting a program in Affluent means no new data will be pulled. 
  2. Once the new program/platform is up and running (this can be before it's live, i.e. not yet receiving any performance data), connect it in the Brand Manager.
  3. You'll see data being pulled in to Affluent from both platforms for as long as the original platform is live, and as soon as the new platform starts sending data.
  4. Once you're finished with the old platform (e.g. it is shut down), disconnect the platform in the Brand Manager. Disconnecting will prevent the big flashing exclamation mark appearing in the Brand Manager) do NOT delete the data.
  5. After that you'll have only one active platform, and all new data will come from the new platform. All historical data from the old program will still be available. 

Just to reiterate: do not delete the old data. You can disconnect the platform but do not delete it. Affluent cannot restore deleted data

The data stored in Affluent under the disconnected platform will enable you display historical data and comparisons like year over year. Brands won't lose years of data as a result of a platform migration. 

As you're going through a migration, if at any point you want a report that only shows one of the platforms, you can use the filter to select just one platform.