New User - not receiving account verification email

There are no regularly (or irregularly) occurring issues/bugs that cause users to not receive account verification emails. The issue is usually either a typo in the email or a SPAM filter. How to troubleshoot:

  1. How long ago was the email sent? If it was more than 24 hours, any Admin (or Support team member) can do it in User Management. This won't resolve the issue if the user didn't actually receive the email, it just resends it. Sometimes people just lose them in their inboxes and resending will solve the issue. 
  2. If it was less than 24 hours ago, it can be resent via the database.
  3. Usually, if the email genuinely wasn't received, it's because the email address is wrong - 9 times out of 10. Check this in User Management or the database. 
  4. If the email address was correct (no typos) check Mailgun. Search for the email address and see if it was flagged by a SPAM filter. 
  5. If it was flagged as SPAM have the user check their SPAM folder. 

The verification can be manually overridden in the database..... but doing this is risky because if it was the wrong email address it won't help. Don't override it unless there is another reason. It's important the user's email address is correct and that they're able to receive emails from Affluent.