Publishers - Tagging & Groups

The Tagging & Groups feature has two sections, one for Publishers and one for Brands. This article reviews Tagging & Groups for Publishers. Click here to read about Tagging & Groups for Brands.

Each of the fields in this section are a way of labeling data within Affluent. Some fields are pulled in directly from the affiliate platform and cannot be edited (i.e. Publisher, Publisher ID, and Platform). Type, Group, and Tag can all be edited. 

Publisher, Publisher ID, and Platform

The Publisher, Publisher ID and Platform fields are automatically populated with data from the affiliate platform (e.g. ShareASale, Impact, etc). These fields cannot be edited. 

How do Publisher Types, Groups and Tags work in Affluent?

Affluent is designed to make the tagging and grouping of publishers easier. Rather than applying a group and/or type separately to each publisher for every brand you work with, you can set their group/type just once. 

Publishers can only have one type and one group. Publishers cannot have different types or groups for different brands. Publishers can have different groups or types on different platforms. If publishers are part of a merged publisher, the merged publisher group can have one type and one group, meaning you don't need to maintain lists across multiple platforms. 

You can apply as many tags to a publisher as you would like. Tags can only be used as a filter (not as a category). 

Publisher Type 

Each publisher can only be assigned one publisher type (e.g. Coupons, Content, Sub-Affiliate, etc). The publisher types are predefined in Affluent to standardize data. Not all affiliate platforms provide a publisher type, in this case, one will not be pre-loaded in Affluent. 

Note for Impact: the data is pulled from the "Primary Promotional Method" field. 

Some affiliate platforms allow publishers to select their own labels and to select multiple labels. This data is often unreliable and, additionally, each publisher is limited to one type in Affluent. For those reasons, we do not pull publisher type data from some platforms.


Groups are a free text field and can be defined as whatever you would like (in the same way as Tags), but each publisher can only be assigned one group. You may choose to implement an organization-wide group system to categorize publishers. Note: that the text must match exactly e.g. cohort18 is not the same as cohort2018.


Tags allow you to label a publisher with certain words or phrases. Tags cannot be used as a category or a metric. Tags can be used to filter Reports or Dashboards. 

Tags cannot be used as a category or metric as one publisher can have multiple tags and therefore their data could be returned multiple times within one report.

Tags offer flexibility as you can tag a publisher with as many tags as you like.  You could tag publishers by vertical for example and then you could run a performance data report and apply the filter "Fashion" to see how all the fashion publishers are performing.