Removing a user

Deleting a user's account will delete all associated reports, dashboards, custom metrics and scheduled emails.

Transferring dashboards, reports, custom metrics, and schedules over to another user

Please reach out to us at if there are any dashboards, reports, custom metrics, and schedules that you would like to keep from the user's account.  Please include:

  • the URL for the reports and dashboards
  • the name of any custom metrics or scheduled emails
  • the current user/owner and the new user

Deleting the user

Please note that only Admins are able to remove users. 

Once you're ready to remove the user, you can delete them from the account by heading to user management:

Select the user the user that you want to remove:

Click the "Delete User's Account" button and confirm. 

Their access to Affluent will be revoked and all of their associated (remaining) data will be removed.