Sub Affiliate Data

Affluent enables brands working with Impact, Commission Junction, and Awin to report on Sub Affiliates/Publisher Domains

Affluent enables brands that work with Impact, CJ or Awin to report on any Sub Affiliate data or Publisher Domains that Publishers provide transparency on. Taking Skimlinks as an example, they will expose all of their Publisher Domains to these networks. 

How you can view Publisher domains in Affluent

These are the Affluent categories that you can use to view Publisher domains for the following networks:

  • Impact: Shared Id
  • Awin: Shared Id
  • Commission Junction: Website

Note that with the "Shared Id" category, this won't always show Sub Affiliate data as Publisher can use that field for any purpose - it is a free text field. However, for Content Monetization Platforms like Skimlink, it's likely they're going to use that field to store the Publisher Domains.