User Management Guide

User management enables you to add additional users to your account and control the features that they have access to. 

User management is available on the Startup, Business and Enterprise subscriptions. If you would like access to user management, click on Subscriptions and upgrade to Start Up.  

Adding a New User

Only Administrator users can add new users. 

  1. Open the left-hand menu and click Profile & Settings
  2. Click User Management and the +Add New User button 
  3. In the Invite New User window, choose the account settings for the new user
    • Administrator 
    • Standard 
  4. If you select Standard, you can give users additional permissions. 
  5. Click the "Invite User" button

Once you've sent the invitation, the user will receive a verification email. The verification email will expire after 24 hours. If a user doesn't verify their account within 24 hours, you can 'resend' the verification email via the "Users" table. 

Types of Users

Admin users can access and edit everything in Affluent, including:

  • Platform Manager - adding, editing, disconnecting and deleting accounts
  • Technical details including API keys
  • Billing & Invoices
  • Subscriptions
  • User management - including the ability to add, edit and delete users

Standard users do not have access to billing, subscriptions, user management. Standard users can be given additional permissions for: 

  • Platform Manager so users can add, remove, or edit platform integrations.
  • Technical Access so users can view and manage API keys

Editing Users

All admin users can edit the permissions of all users.

To edit a users account, navigate to the User Management page and click on the user. This will open the edit user window. After making changes to a user's permissions, click "Apply". Any changes will be applied immediately. 

Deleting Users 

Any admin user can delete any account (including admin accounts).

To delete a user, navigate to the User Management page and click on the user. This will open the edit user window, scroll down and click "Delete User". There will be a pop-up window warning that deleting an account will revoke a user's access to Affluent, delete their account and all associated data, including reports they may have created. This action is irreversible.  

If a user has reports connected to their account, you will have the option to transfer ownership when you delete the account. 


Adding new users may affect your billing. Any billing changes will be prorated and will not be applied until the user validates their account. To view your estimated upcoming invoice, head to the billing page in Profile & Settings.