Why am I not receiving scheduled dashboards?

The most common reason for not receiving schedules are: 

  1. Typo in email 
  2. SPAM filter
  3. Google Group is not enabled to receive emails from external emails. 

Follow these steps to troubleshoot : 

  1. Navigate to Profile & Settings > Scheduled Exports to see all your scheduled exports and review the settings. 
  2. Check the spelling of all emails addresses and that all emails are comma-separated.
  3. Check the SPAM folder for the account. If the email was filtered into your SPAM move it to the inbox and mark as safe.
  4.  Send an email to the recipient account? Is the email received or do you get a bounce-back? 
  5. If the receiving email is a Googe group email, check that it is set up to receive emails from non-member accounts. If it isn't, enable this is the Google group settings.

If you have followed all these steps and are still not receiving a scheduled dashboard, contact support@affluent.io and we'll check everything on our side.