Why is ShareASale data missing?

ShareASale has monthly API limits that vary per account. Affluent requires a minimum of 2,000 calls per month. You can read how to find your ShareASale account API limits here. That monthly limit can affect both historical and current data.

Historical Data

Due to the aforementioned API limits, Affluent pulls limited historical data each month to ensure limits are not hit. This is most likely to affect click data. By default, Affluent will pull in a little less than two years of commission data, and only 60 days of click history at the beginning of each month for ShareASale. As such, it will take a long time before you have historical click data from ShareASale. All other historical data will be pulled in much faster. 

Current Data

Affluent requires a minimum of 2,000 monthly API calls if you are not using any other tools that use the ShareASale API. If you have fewer API calls than that available, you may hit the monthly maximum limit before the month is over. If that happens, you will not have any more ShareASale data until the month resets.

In this situation, you can reach out to ShareASale to request they increase and reset your monthly limit.

Getting ShareASale Data Faster

If you reach out to ShareASale, you can request that they increase your monthly limit. As a standard, we suggest asking them to increase your limit to at least 2,000 calls per month.

Once you have had that limit increased, reach out to support@affluent.io and we can speed up your data pulls.