Affluent pulls and stores all data in its original currency for accuracy. All currency is converted using the Central Bank exchange rate for the day of the transaction. Once an exchange rate has been applied, it will not be altered, so when you view historical data it will always be the same.

To see what currency you are currently viewing Affluent in, check the toolbar in the top right hand corner. This will also show you which calendar type and first day of the week are being used as well. 

Currency - Account Level Settings 

When you're looking at your data, Affluent will default to showing all data according to the currency you selected in your main account settings (if no brand level currency settings have been set). To change your default currency, go to your account settings and select the currency you want from the drop down menu. This will only impact how data is displayed in your account. Other users in your organization may set their own preferred currency.  

When there are conflicts between currencies e.g. you are viewing data from two or more brands, with different currencies e.g. in a report or dashboard, Affluent will revert to your account settings. 

Currency - Brand Level Settings 

Currencies can (and generally should) be set at the brand level. Each brand can be assigned its own default currency in the Brand Manager. Whichever currency is chosen in the brand manager will affect how everyone who has access to the brand sees the data.

For example if you are looking at the Brand Overview for a brand set to GBP, all users (when only looking at this brand) will see the data in GBP, and the toolbar in the top right will show GBP.

For more information click here to read : Brand Manager Reporting Settings.

"On The Fly" Currency Conversion

If you want to switch to a different currency without changing your account or the brand settings, click the currency symbol in the top right and choose from the drop down.

Affluent currently supports USD ($), GBP (£) and EUR (€), CAD (C$), AUD (A$), CHF,  JPY (¥), NZD (NZ$), DKK (kr), SGD (S$), CNY (¥) .

Note: This change will stay with you for your current session, it will override any brand level reporting preferences. Select "Default" to return to your normal preferences. 

Specifying a Currency at the Platform Level

When you set up an account in the Brand Manager, some platforms (Affiliate Future, Commission Factory, Impact, Linkshare) give you the option to choose the currency when you are connecting the brand for the first time. This refers to the currency that the network reports in, these settings do not impact how data is shown in Affluent.  

If you need an additional currency, please reach out to Affluent support.