Part 6 - Help: Contacting Support and Help Desk

This checklist covers everything in the "Help" section of the left hand menu; contacting support and the help desk. 

Affluent Helpdesk

  • You can access the Affluent Help Desk via Affluent by click on the 'Help Desk' link in the left hand menu.
  • If you can’t find the article you are looking for, please let us know via “Contact Support”.

Contacting Support

Contacting support is done within the Affluent platform by click the “Contact Support” button at the bottom of the left-hand menu. You can also email 

Notes on Contacting Support

  • If you have a data related question, check out the Troubleshooting Data guide.
  • When you submit a contact support message please include as much information as possible. If the issue is regarding data, please include, the date range, the metrics affected, the brand, and any other information that might help us resolve the issue.
  • If you are referring to a specific page, Report or Dashboard, please submit the message directly from that URL (this allows us to see the URL in the message).
  • If you are asking a question about a Report or Dashboard, please ensure the report is “Public” and saved with the correct date ranges, filters, categories and metrics.