Troubleshooting Data

There are several reasons why data in Affluent might look like it's not matching the data from the networks. Following are the top most common reasons you might see differences.

  • Date range selector - make sure you have selected a matching date range. Check both the date range selector in the top right-hand corner of the platform and the date range selector on individual reports if you are in a dashboard. 
  • Calendar - have you set up a fiscal calendar? Fiscal calendars in Affluent change the date range included in a given month and may make it harder to match numbers to the network. Are the dates uploaded correctly? Are you using your account's default calendar or the brand's fiscal calendar? 
  • Metrics - double-check that the metrics that you're viewing Affluent are the same as the ones in the network. Some networks show gross data by default, others show net. Some include bonus data, others don't. Check out our Metrics Glossary
  • Filters - do you have 'includes' rather than 'excludes' or the incorrect category selected? Make sure the spelling matches the action tracker, publisher name etc. exactly. Filters must be an exact match. 
  • Currency - currency preferences can be set at a platform, account, and a brand level. To see what currency your currency looking at, check the top right-hand toolbar. 
  • Refunds - if refunds have just been uploaded to the network these may not have been updated in Affluent yet. Use the 'Fetch Data' button to manually pull in the latest data. 
  • Time Zone - check that your brand is connected with the correct time zone information. This is particularly an issue for Rakuten/Linkshare and AWIN programmes.
  • Additional fees - if you've added fees not reported in the network e.g. placement fees, agency fees or non-reported networks fees, the numbers will not match the network. 
  • API keys or credentials - without up to date credentials Affluent can't pull in your data. Check the brand manager for notifications.
  • Invalid or duplicate accounts - occasionally the data from an invalid or duplicate account won't have been deleted causing data to not match (check the Brand Manager to delete). 
  • Access permissions - check that your account has access to the brands you are trying to view data for. Contact an admin account holder in your organization to help you with this.