What to do when you stop working with a brand

When you stop working with a brand you will want to update the Brand Manager. Any user with Admin permissions can update the Brand Manager. 

Please note: disconnecting a brand is irreversible and deleted data cannot be retrieved. All actions are final. 

(Recommended)  Disconnect the brand's account(s) this will stop any new data being added to Affluent. Affluent does not charge for disconnected accounts. More information on Disconnecting and Deleting Accounts

If you no longer want to store the brand's data in Affluent, you can delete the account(s) and the brand. Click here more information on Deleting a Brand.  

If you choose to delete the account(s) and the brand, you may also choose to delete all brand specific reports and dashboards, as they will no longer have data to display. 

NOTE: Reports and dashboards can only be deleted by their owner