Line Charts

A line chart shows changes over time and it is great for plotting trends. You may want to use a line chart, rather than a bar chart, if the changes are smaller. Line graphs are also good for comparing changes over time for more than one group of data. You include two metrics on a line graph in Affluent.

For example if you want to compare clicks and net revenue over time, a line chart will display this in a way that is easy to read and makes trends visible.

If you also include a category, for example client, it will plot data for each client on one graph making it easy to compare. It is best to limit the number of lines on the graph this will make it easier to read and more visually appealing. You can choose to exclude or include certain categories or values using filters (click "+Add New Filter" on the right hand side under the 'Save" button). 

To show your data in a line chart, select "LineChart" from the drop down menu under the title of the report.

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