Part 3 - Reporting: Overview, Reports and Dashboards

This checklist covers everything in the "Reporting" section of the left-hand menu; the overview,  reports, and dashboards. 

Standard Overview

  • Explore the Account Overview
  • Scroll down to see the different charts and tables
  • Click on a link within a table to drill down into deeper data
  • Use the search bar to view data for just one brand or one publisher
  • Change the date range using the date selector, try setting up a date comparison
  • Change between daily, weekly, and monthly grouping on graphs/tables
  • Customize the metrics displayed in the tables, using the cog icons

Reports & Dashboards

  • Create a Report. Try adding different categories and metrics, applying filters, editing the date range, and choosing different chart types
  • Create a Dashboard. Add multiple Reports to the Dashboard. Add Dashboard level filters, change the date range for the Dashboard, and for the individual reports. Move reports, change the widths, and add Dashboard Elements
  • Export to PDF and then Schedule a PDF to send to your email
  • Create a version of your currently Weekly or Monthly Client Report, apply the correct brand filter, select the right date ranges, export it to PDF. Include Dashboard elements to help format and add narrative