Why does the commission numbers in Affluent & Linkshare not match?

The numbers displayed for network and total commission in Linkshare do not include network commission.

Linkshare invoices network commission and so this amount is not included in the total commission metric in Linkshare or in Affluent. The payment happens outside of the affiliate tracking. 

Affluent gives you the ability to include the network commission for a Linkshare program when you first add the platform in the brand manager. Network commissions can be added as either a percentage of commission or revenue. 

If you add a network commission via the Brand Manager, Affluent will include it in the network and total commission metrics. Network commission will be applied to each transaction - you'll be able to see network commission at the transaction level, rather than as a single monthly payment. The Affluent numbers will no longer mirror the Linkshare numbers, but give you a full picture of the network commission and the program's total costs. 

Note, network fees must be applied when you first connect a Linkshare account in order to be applied to all historical data. Network fees cannot be applied retroactively. If you have added a Linkshare account without setting up the network commission rule in the Brand Manager, you have two options: 

  1. Add in the missing network commissions using manual fees. Manual fees will add a one time cost. Network commission will be applied on one day as a single cost, rather than attributed to the individual sales. 
  2. Disconnect the account, delete the data, and reconnect the account with the network commission rule. Before deleting any data, contact the Affluent lead in your team or Affluent support.