Part 2: Account Set Up and Brand Manager

This checklist is for new users who have joined an organization already using Affluent, it covers setting up your personal account and the brand manager. When you log in there will already be brands and platforms connected. 

Account Set Up

All users must click email verification link (within 24 hours) & log in. 

  • First you must verifying your account and log in. If you're verification email has expired contact an Affluent Admin in your organisation. 
  • Check that your account is set to the correct currency is (Profile & Settings >Account Setting). The currency set is the Brand Manager for each brand will override your person account preferences.
  • Set your account preference (Profile & Settings > Reporting Preferences)
    • Select how you would like RoAS to be displayed ($, % or as a ratio).
    • Choose a default first day of the week - will be your account default but will be overridden by the currency preferences set at the brand level in the Brand Manager.

Brand Manager

What is visible to you in the Brand Manager will depend on the type of account you have: Admin or Standard. 

  • Click on the Brand Manager and select a brand. 
  • Click on the 'Manual Fees' and 'Settings' tabs to see what brand specific setting are set in the Brand Manager. Knowing what is set here is important as it can affect reporting e.g. numbers will be high that the network if agency fees or out of network costs have been added. 
  • Click 'View Details' on a  platform for details specific to that platform for the brand, including Publisher Suppression and Data Fetch