Part 1: New Server Set Up

This check list is for admins or Affluent leads setting up their organization's account for the first time.

If you are a new user who has joined an organization already using Affluent please read Part 2: New User Set Up and Brand Manager

When you log in to Affluent for the first time, the platform will be empty and you'll be directed to the Brand Manager, follow the check list below to get the organization's account set up and prep it for use by the whole team. To set up an account you must be an Admin - which you likely are if you're logging in to a new server. 

  • Add a Brand and connect their platform(s)
  • Add a Brand logo
  • Define the Brand level reporting preferences:
    • Select the default currency
    • Choose the default first day of the week (this overrides your account preferences)
    • If the brand uses a fiscal calendar, upload a fiscal calendar via CSV.
    • Add Manual Fees i.e. Network and Agency Fees
  • Set your account preference (Profile & Settings > Reporting Preferences) for first day of the week and currency – these will be your account defaults but will be overridden by brand level reporting preferences.
  • Add an organization logo under Profile & Setting > Administrative Preference
  • Add additional users to invite the rest of the team.