New Hire Guide

A guide to get your new hire fully integrated in to Affluent.

Congratulations on the new hire. Here is your step by step guide to getting them fully integrated in to Affluent:  

  1. Contact an Admin on your team (not Affluent) to create a new user account. Any Admin user can create a new user. For Getting Started with User Management
  2. Remind the new hire to click the 'verify your account' link in their email account (they may need to check Spam/Junk if this is the first email they've received from Affluent).  
  3. Direct new user to your agency specific log in and have them bookmark it e.g. 
  4. Send the new user the Affluent 101 training video.
    • If you do not have one, please contact with the request "Affluent 101 Training Video Session"
  5. Add them to any internal Affluent support channels or communication channels e.g. An Affluent email alias, Affluent slack channel, etc.
  6. Have the new user's manager or team lead walk them through Affluent and any specifics to the accounts they will be working on. 
    • Fees, including agency fees and non reported network fees (AWIN, Rakuten and Impact). 
    • Brand Dashboards - automated reporting, inc. how and when Dashboards are sent. 
    • Brand specific RPart 6 - Help: Contacting Support and Help Deskeports, Custom Metrics and settings preferences (e.g. gross vs net or fiscal calendars). 
  7. Ensure the new user spends at least an hour exploring the Affluent UI and working through the following guides
  8. Contact if addition training is required or with specific questions.